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GRG-CL – Glass reinforced gypsum circular

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Column casings
Column casings
Column casings
Column casings

Pendock Radius GRG casings are a highly versatile and adaptable solution for concealing interior columns and other structural elements, where a smooth joint-less surface is required or where painted finishes are specified.

Designed solely for interior use only, we have a range of standard sized circular moulds, which allow you to specify diameters from 200mm to 950mm and with lengths up to 3000mm. They can also be stacked to reach increased heights.

Although our GRG casings are commonly specified as circles, as they are moulded we can manufacture them to specific shapes and dimensions to meet the exact requirements of individual projects. The standard material thickness is 12mm and 15mm is also available as an option.

Our GRG casings are secured using countersunk mechanical fixings and an optional lightweight support framework. To achieve a seamless joint the two halves of the casing are butted together around the structural column with the heads of the fasteners and the small joint line concealed with a suitable filler prior to painting.

The palette of paint finishes available enables exact colour matching to integrate with a building’s interior design scheme, while the versatility of the GRG moulding allows increased design flexibility and freedom for architects and specifiers.

Product ref: GRG-CL


Product details

Material: Moulded glass reinforced gypsum (GRG)
Thickness: 12mm
Length: 3000mm as standard
Finishes: Plain for on-site decoration
Joints: Butt jointed and filled ‘seamless’ joint;
Accessories: Recessed or stainless steel skirting; decorative column base; Internal framework

Bespoke diameters and special shapes are also available.
Please contact us for information and options.

GRG-CL dimensions
External dia (mm) Internal dia (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm)
200 176 12 3000
250 226 12 3000
300 276 12 3000
350 326 12 3000
400 376 12 3000
450 426 12 3000
500 476 12 3000
550 526 12 3000
600 576 12 3000
650 626 12 3000
700 676 12 3000
750 726 12 3000
800 776 12 3000
850 826 12 3000
900 876 12 3000
950 926 12 3000