MET-CL – Metal circular

Pendock Radius circular metal column casings are designed for use in both exterior and interior projects that require a versatile and decorative solution to conceal structural steelwork.

Available in standard diameters ranging from 250mm up to 1000mm, the casings can be manufactured from either aluminium or stainless steel with standard material thicknesses of 3mm and 2mm respectively.

To provide increased versatility for specifiers and designers, Pendock Radius metal casings can also be specified in bespoke sizes and shapes, such as semi-circular and elliptical forms, to meet individual project requirements.

All casings can be manufactured and supplied in a single length up to 4000mm and can also be stacked to reach greater heights. A range of options is also available, which include internal acoustic foam lining, decorative feature joints and recessed head and skirting collars, as well as access hatches and internal support frameworks to suit different structural column types.

Due to their metal construction, a key feature is the wide range of finishes that can be specified. In addition to a wide palette of PPC finishes, which can be selected from RAL, BS or Pantone colour references, textured finishes are also available on our aluminium range. Stainless steel column casings can also be specified with brushed, polished or patterned finishes, such as Rimex.

The inherent weather resistance of our metal casing, which makes them ideal for exterior and interior applications, together with the wide range of finishes, sizes and bespoke options available, provides specifiers with a high degree of design freedom, versatility and choice.

MET-CL dimensions

External dia (mm) Min Internal dia (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm)
250 244 3 4000
300 296 3 4000
350 344 3 4000
400 396 3 4000
450 444 3 4000
500 496 3 4000
550 544 3 4000
600 596 3 4000
650 644 3 4000
700 696 3 4000
800 796 3 4000
900 896 3 4000
1000 996 3 4000


Product details

Reference: MET-CL
Material: Aluminium and stainless steel
Thickness: Aluminium 3mm (2mm & 1.5mm options)
Stainless steel 2mm (1.5mm & 1mm options)
Length: 4000mm as standard
Finishes: PPC; brushed; polished; textured; patterned; perforated
Joints: Mechanical fixings concealed with decorative joint cover
Accessories: Recessed head and skirting collars; 6mm or 20mm acoustic linings; access hatches; internal support framework

Bespoke diameters and shapes are also available.
Please contact us for information and options.