Low surface temperature
radiators & guards

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For around 30 years, Pendock low surface temperature (LST) radiator guards have been protecting residents, children and patients by reducing the risk of burn injury in range of sectors including care-homes, sheltered housing, schools and hospitals, as well as other healthcare, education and residential applications.

Due to our high level of experience and expertise in these areas, Pendock SafeHeat guards are often identified as the preferred solution by specifiers, which has also been built on our reputation for adopting an uncompromising approach to the design, manufacture and quality of our LST radiator guards.

Innovation and the adoption of new technologies, such as the was the use of anti-bacterial coatings as standard on all our guards, which kills MRSA, Salmonella, E- coli and C-difficile, have also helped Pendock stay ahead and provide specifiers with reliable, effective and affordable range.

To aid cleaning and disinfection procedures, where hygiene is a key consideration, our range is offered with drop down lockable panels to give unrestricted access and allow removal only by authorised personnel.

Anti-ligature design features can be specified on all Pendock SafeHeat products, primarily for heating solutions in mental health applications or where people are at potential risk of self-harm.

In addition to standard radiator dimensions, our bespoke service is available on all Pendock SafeHeat guards where specific shapes, sizes and colours can be specified to provide the ultimate in design versatility.

All LST guards are available with cut-outs and valve access panels, so no on-site cutting is required, which helps reduce installation time and minimises disruption.