Pendock – The art of concealment

West Cheshire College_0018150-edit-300dpi-6x4The decorative finishing of building interiors and exteriors has evolved into something of a fine art – in some cases, literally. Yet for most commercial structures, whether they’re offices, public buildings, schools or hotels, for example, they rely on a wide range of off-the-shelf or bespoke products to provide the finishing touch.

One company that has been a key player in this particular construction discipline for more than 30 years is Telford based casing and enclosure specialist, Pendock. Initially focusing on its pre-formed plywood boxings, used to conceal pipework and cabling, Pendock’s began expanding its range in the early 1990s to meet a growing demand for decorative architectural casings solutions.

The company has since become well known in this field, particularly for column casings, building linings and washroom systems, as well as low surface temperature (LST) radiator guards and floor ducting. Its original pipe boxing products also continue to be a feature as an important part of the range.

In 2020, Pendock took the opportunity to not only introduce a number of new products, but also restructure its entire product range by combining similar products into six individual groups, each with its own clear brand to make specification easier and more logical.

The ‘Profiles’ brand includes all pipe and fire sprinkler boxing products, as well as boiler casings, while ‘Radius’ bring together the company’s column casings and ‘Linea’ covers its building linings and architectural finishing products.

Alongside these, ‘Washroom’ provides a comprehensive range of cubicle and washroom systems, whilst LST radiator guards and floor ducting products can be found under the respective ‘SafeHeat’ and ‘Ducting’ ranges.

Whilst all the products in each group are relevant to architects, specifiers and contractors, the most commonly specified are those within Pendock’s Radius, Linea and Washroom ranges.

Pendock Radius unites the company’s six individual column casing types, which are used to conceal interior and exterior structural steelwork, as well as concrete columns. The range includes casings for interior use only, manufactured from pre-formed plywood and glass reinforced gypsum, alongside aluminium, stainless steel and glass reinforced plastic models for both interior and exterior applications.

Every product is available in a range of standard dimensions and shapes, as well as bespoke options. GRP casings can be specified in a broad range of RAL and BS colours, while metal column casings can be specified in wide palette of PPC colours, as well as anodised, brushed, polished and textured finishes.

The extensive Pendock Linea range comprises nine different types of building lining and architectural finishing product, including exterior rooflights, parapets and soffits alongside interior pilasters, perimeter casings and ceiling features.

Manufactured from several different materials, including plywood, MDF, compact laminate, HPL, moulded glass reinforced plastic, stainless steel and aluminium, they are used in a wide range of applications, including airport terminals, transport hubs, commercial buildings and high traffic areas, such as retail and education.

Pendock Washroom, as its name suggests, covers Pendock’s cubicle and washroom systems range, including multi-cubicle and IPS panels solutions. The range includes five systems – Classic, Classic Plus, Robust, Ultimate and Education – as well as modular IPS and bespoke solutions. A range of vanity units, back panels and accessories is also available.

Pendock’s technical projects manager, Gavin Byram, explained: “Prior to the re-structure, all products fell under the Pendock name with no clear distinction between product types or relevant applications. With the new individual identities, specification and access to information is simplified, as the changes have also been carried through to our website. As we introduce new products, technical details and support information, we will ensure they are available online for viewing and download.”