Pendock Washroom Systems – Our range of Toilet Cubicles

cubiclesThe scope, design flexibility and sheer versatility of Pendock toilet cubicles means that they provide the perfect solution whatever the specification, demands or environment.

Our in-depth knowledge of washroom environments together with our wide experience of working with architects, designers and specifiers on a broad range of washroom projects enables us to integrate innovation, aesthetics and practicality in all our cubicle and washroom solutions.

From next-day delivery cubicles through to bespoke designed integrated plumbing systems featuring Armitage Shanks sanitary ware an custom finishes we maintain complete control over every facet of the design and production through our dedicated, single site manufacturing facilities in the UK.

Our attention to detail, complete control over manufacturing and significant investment has combined to develop the Pendock Edge.

Whatever the specification or sector, whether it’s commercial, public buildings, leisure facilities or schools and education the Pendock Cubicles range is designed to meet every requirement, delivering quality aesthetics and value.

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