Screed duct & trunking

To assist in the design, specification and installation of our products, a range of drawings and specification clauses can be downloaded from the tables below.

Drawings are available in DWG and PDF formats while NBS specification clauses are provided as MS Word documents.

Download our PDF product range brochure here

For assistance and more information, please e-mail us at or call our support team on 01952 580590.


Floor ducting – FDT

Drawing PDF Drawing DWG NBS spec clauses
FDT-50×100 FDT-50×100 FDT-50×100-NBS
FDT-50×150 FDT-50×150 FDT-50×150-NBS
FDT-50×200 FDT-50×200 FDT-50×200-NBS
FDT-70×100 FDT-70×100 FDT-70×100-NBS
FDT-70×150 FDT-70×150 FDT-70×150-NBS
FDT-70×200 FDT-70×200 FDT-70×200-NBS
FDT-Bespoke FDT-Bespoke FDT-Bespoke-NBS


Multi-compartment floor ducting – MCFDT

Drawing PDF Drawing DWG NBS spec clauses
MCFDT-35×335 MCFDT-35×335 MCFDT-35×335-NBS
MCFDT-35×335 MCFDT-35×335 MCFDT-35×335-NBS
MCFDT-Bespoke MCFDT-Bespoke MCFDT-Bespoke-NBS