Building linings

Pendock Linea is a comprehensive range of building linings, parapet cappings, rooflight linings and casings, as well as other specialist products for interior and exterior applications, where high quality decorative or protective solutions are required.

While our soffit linings and parapet cappings are exclusively for exterior use, all other Linea products are designed for interior applications, although bulkheads & fascias and rooflight linings & casings can be specified for use in either location.

As the Linea range combines wide product choice with decorative design and practicality, they have been specified and installed in diverse sectors and applications, using different materials, finishes and bespoke manufacturing techniques to meet individual project requirements.

Applications, such as airport terminals, railway stations, commercial building receptions and other high traffic areas usually require increased durability and in many cases, a higher material specification or level of finish, all of which can be met by Linea.

Although material choice will depend on the application, budget and the finish that needs to be achieved, our building linings can be manufactured from a wide choice of materials including plywood; MDF; compact laminate, HPL, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as textured metals.

In addition, exterior casings and interior linings for products, such as our rooflight range, are produced from moulded glass reinforced plastic (GRP), as they’re durable, weather resistant and capable of being manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Due to the wide-ranging specification options and choice of products available within our Linea range, they are structured in nine sections based on their typical application areas.

For further information and details on each of products in our ‘Linea’ building linings range, please click on the images below.