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Pendock Profiles

Pendock Profiles is a comprehensive range of pipe boxing and casing solutions, which are designed to meet most specifications and requirements when concealing heating systems, fire sprinklers or boiler pipework, as well as mains water and waste pipes. To cover flexible ducting used in Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) schemes, our MXV has been designed for this specific purpose and includes options to conceal installations with and without coving. In addition, our MX, CH and CHM/MXM range can be used to conceal pipework associated with ground source and air source heat pump installations.

Local authorities, housing associations and their contractors throughout the UK have used our pre-formed plywood boxing for more than 35 years to cover unsightly pipework in a range of social housing projects. In addition, pipework in schools, academies and sixth-form centres, as well as colleges and universities, can also be concealed using our pre-formed and pre-finished casing solutions.

Our TK boxing is ideal for heating system upgrades to conceal radiator pipework at skirting level, which are often installed with our BC boiler pipe casings as part of ongoing boiler replacement programmes.

For further information and details on each of the products in our ‘Profiles’ casings for services range, please click on the images below.

Pipe boxing

MXF – Fire sprinkler boxing

Fire sprinkler systems are an increasingly important part of building design and fire safety solutions, especially with ongoing retro-fitting programmes in high-rise residential blocks.

Pipe boxing

MX – Pipe boxing

MX pipe boxing is a highly versatile solution for boxing in pipework of all sizes and configurations in a diverse range of applications from heating and mains water through to larger diameter drainage and wastewater pipework in both domestic and commercial projects.

Pipe boxing

CH – Channel pipe boxing

CH channel pipe boxing provides a versatile and adaptable 3-sided solution for concealing pipework, building services and structural elements in a range of applications and industry sectors where practicality and a high quality finish are required.

Pipe boxing

TK & TKD – Pipe boxing

TK and TKD pipe boxing incorporates a single or double 115 degree angled return in their designs to create a practical, versatile and unobtrusive pipe boxing solution for heating system and mains water pipework.

Boiler pipe casing

BC – Boiler pipe casing

Our boiler pipe casings not only conceal unsightly boiler pipework, valves, filters and flues, but also provide an attractive, practical and ‘easy-fit’ ‘solution for any boiler, heating system and kitchen upgrades or planned social housing refurbishment programmes.

Metal pipe boxing

CHM-MXM – Metal pipe boxing and protection

Our metal pipe boxing range has been engineered primarily to conceal external pipework, building services and other utilities, such as external cabling and distributed heating system pipes, whilst providing added protection against accidental damage, theft or vandalism.

When boxing in larger bore pipes, such as drainage, wastewater and soil pipes, or ducting for Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems, our MX range of 2-sided ‘L’ shaped boxing is available in a wide range of sizes to meet most requirements.

Alongside this, our MXF fire sprinkler boxing range is also being widely used across the UK to conceal fire sprinkler system pipework in flats, landings and other spaces in residential tower blocks as part of local authority and HA fire safety upgrade programmes.

In addition, where external pipework needs to be covered and protected, such as utilities, gas supply pipes and distributed heating pipework, our range also includes strong and durable external metal boxing.

Dedicated accessories are also included in each product range to simplify installation while helping ensure that a consistent, high quality finish can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

For further information and details on each of the products in our ‘Profiles’ casings for services range, please click on the images above.