Towards a sustainable future

Care & Responsibility

Sustainability and moving towards a carbon neutral future are the responsibilities of everyone and, consequently, they are key factors that influence our ongoing business decisions, as well as those made by our suppliers and customers.

The Pendock name has been around for more than 35 years and has become known for product innovation, as well as progressive business practices to ensure we are constantly evolving to meet prevailing standards and legislative requirements.

As a large percentage of our product range uses timber and timber related materials, including plywood and MDF, sustainability and compliance have been central to our procurement, manufacturing, and supply processes for over ten years.



This also extends to our use of recycled and recyclable materials, such as aluminium and steel, which are used widely in our Pendock Radius; Pendock Profiles and Pendock Ducting product ranges.

Even before we adopted the EU timber Regulations (EUTR) in 2013, we were using FSC® certified and sustainably sourced materials in our plywood product ranges.

Since Brexit and the transition to the UK Timber Regulations (UKTR), which came into force in 2021, we have implemented UKTR as our default compliance procedure.

As a result, all timbers used in the manufacture of our products are legally & sustainably sourced and are compliant with UKTR requirements.

Recycle, re-purpose & re-use

Another key material that we use widely in the manufacture of several of our products is aluminium. Its corrosion-resistant properties, comparatively low weight, when compared to other metals used in construction, and its ability to be specified with a range of finishes make it a popular solution.

Coupled to this, is the fact that it is one of the world’s most recycled and recyclable materials. To underline this capability, it has been calculated that around 75% of all aluminium produced since the late 1800s is still in use today.

Also, the re-melting of aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed for primary production, according to various bodies, including Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), the International Aluminium Institute (AIA) and The Aluminium Federation (ALFED).


Zero carbon

The latest sustainable materials to be added to our range are BioCarbon® zero carbon laminates. These are the first carbon neutral materials of this type to be available in the UK.

In addition to having all the durability and decorative characteristics of standard HPL materials, BioCarbon also provides both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection, as well as being zero carbon.

This combination of features makes it ideal for our Pendock Washroom range of cubicles and is also used within our Pendock Linea building linings products as a durable finishing solution.

Biocarbon Laminates

BioCarbon is manufactured using renewable and sustainable energy sources together with a range of initiatives to offset production processes making it carbon neutral. Manufactured in Colombia, where almost 70% of all energy generated is from hydro-electric, this is what powers, the manufacturing plant.

Beyond this, the material used to create the HPL and CL laminates, which is primarily paper, is harvested from sustainable sources and is offset by BioCarbon with its own 200 hectare re-forestation programme that helps absorb 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide, annually. The programme is monitored and audited by PwC.

Storage, handling and distribution impacts are also factored into the calculations, which results in a range of products, where the entire process from manufacturing to fabricator is carbon neutral.

View the BioCarbon videos for more information.