Pendock Facilitates Calm Environment at Ipswich Oncology Day Unit

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Pendock Facilitates Calm Environment at Ipswich Oncology Day Unit

Pendock, the UK’s leading encasement specialist, has supplied 14 column casings for the refurbishment of the Oncology Day Unit at Ipswich Hospital. This is on the back of a successful scheme undertaken at Ashford Hospital, for whom the British company manufactured similar installations.

For the oncology unit refurbishment, though, a variety of column shapes have been specified; some have been tailored to fit around partition walls, while one even finishes on a top of a desk in this attractive and unusual re-development. Happily creating bespoke column casings is a routine exercise for Pendock, being that the company provides a full site survey, design and installation package – if needed – to ensure projects are well managed from start to finish.

Kier was the main contractor for the Ipswich day unit refurbishment and it specified a selection of semi-circular and quadrant form enclosures for the scheme. The laminated column casings are a robust 10mm in thickness and were fully preformed and trial assembled at Pendock’s factory in Telford to ensure accuracy.

For both shapes, there are some flat panels supplied, with aluminium top hat male and female joints provided to assist with straightforward assembly on site. The inner top and bottom collars were supplied in a striking diamond black laminate finish to compliment the gleaming white surfaces of the enclosures, adding to the clean, calming and contemporary style, which the project team from KLH Architects was striving for.

Varying in height from 1910mm to 2400mm and 2650mm, the diameter of the enclosures supplied varied between 450, 500 and 550mmm with a couple of larger ones expanding to 750 and 920mm. While illustrating Pendock’s ability to meet the often wide-ranging demands of its clients, Pendock has produced far larger units for other commercial and retail as well as public sector projects.

Indeed, Pendock’s manufacturing process at its UK factory boasts an experienced and well-trained workforce, which takes pride in the pipe boxing and column casings they manufacture. The in-house design team can offer everything from telephone support and technical guidance to full CAD drawings.

Furthermore, as well as being respected for the bespoke service it provides, Pendock is also able to provide a wide range of off-the-shelf products to ensure that installers can access products on a next day basis if required.